Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Olympic Stadium deal collapses

No cricket square
The deal to make use of the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 events has collapsed.  Go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton have pulled out of the deal through which they were to be given exclusive use of the stadium. 

A spokesman for the go ahead Scottish champions told Fantasy Bob, 'The Olympic Park Legacy company could give us no assurance that the stadium would have a cricket square which seems a bit of an oversight on their part. This caused the alarm bells to ring and we checked the small print.  There was no Belhaven in the bar and its location was also against it.  East London just seems the wrong place and we can't understand why the Olympic Committee chose to build it there. They'll never get a Scottish cricket club to take it seriously.'

The stadium is shortly to be renamed the Queen Elizabeth White Elephant.

The news that Carlton will stay at their historic Grange Loan HQ was welcomed by most commentators.  But it means that the Directors of West Ham FC who had planned on moving the club's operations to Grange Loan in 2013 will have to think again.

Boris Johnston was unavailable for comment.

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